Sometime a Simple word such as escort can also create a really funny story

When we talk about escort, then most of the time people would related the word escort with a girl that offer companionship service to men against a payment. Indeed, female escort do that, but that is not the only business where we can use this word. Though many people do not know this simple fact and due to that lack of knowledge many people end up having a funny and entertaining story about the same. I know this because I was a part of a funny story that was related to the word escort confusion attached with this word.

Talking about this funny story, some time back one of my clients told me that he will come to my city and he would like to see the infrastructure that I have. He wanted to check the infrastructure and my office because he was about to give a big project to us and he wanted to make sure that we have enough capabilities for finishing that work. I wanted to have that project and I was confident on my infrastructure and skills of my team, so I asked him to come any time to check all the things.

He fixed a date for same and he did all the arrangements of his stay with online booking. However, he told me that he would need someone that can escort him throughout his stay in my city. He also told me that he don’t want to have that escort from my organization, so I will have to do the booking from some external agency. I had no issue in that either, but I was preoccupied with so many things so I left that work on my manager and I asked him to book an escort for our client.

I do not know what my manager understood, but whatever he did became a funny story for all of us. We still crack joke on my friend like manager because of that funny story and he still feel embarrassed with that funny story. Actually, at that time he though I asked him to book a sexy female as escort for my client and he did that booking only. Funny thing was that he never asked me if he should do it or not and we ended up having a very amusing and funny story for same.

The good thing was that I realized this mistake before arrival of my client and I did the correction by myself. One day before arrival of my client I was checking each and every thing by myself, and that time I asked my manager to introduce the escort with me. When I saw that girl then I saw she was very sexy, but it was not something my client demanded, so it became a funny story for us. After that I explained things to my manager in details and he arranged someone else for same. But still that funny story amuses me and other people in office and I know that one simple word such can confuse many people and it can create funny situation.

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Cheap designer dresses for London escorts

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These cheap London escorts have the opportunity of buying cheap clothes at a large number of fashion stores but are available at cheap and affordable price. Even there are a large number of websites that sell these cheap clothes that are offered at sale or discounts. London escorts can buy something that they want without the need of worrying about their budget as it is considered as the most affordable option for them. Since a great deal of time, efforts and cost is involved in creating designer dresses, the cost of these dresses is extremely high. They are made by adding great details to every element of the clothing as it includes intricate patterns that are stitched with brocade, gems, satin and laces that are used for providing the ultimate finish. But London escorts have the option of buying these from the comfort of their home as these cheap dresses are also available on online stores. They can buy the one according to their individual taste and preference. There are a large variety of collections of these dresses that are available in the online stores that can be purchased at cheap price. The cloth material is of highest quality which makes them popular choice among cheap escorts in London of every age.

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